Value-based pricing tool

Give your sales team the confidence they need to sell value instead of hours: clients pay for the end result of our services, instead of the process.

Fully customisable

Tailor your offering to each and every client, and each and every project. Every proposal is personal.



Make the tool work for you: minimum effort with maximum results.


Build and send a proposal in three minutes or less.

Instant exports

Instant pdf and email exports from customisable templates.

Version control

Need to go back a step? No worries.

Editable proposals

Need to make your own edits after you export? No problem.

On the fly calculations

Need to wow your clients with numbers? We're here to help.

Proposal+ takes the stress out of sales, leaving us to focus on getting the job done. It also helps our sales people work with more confidence than they've ever had, because the chances of anyone making a mistake are so much smaller.

Barbara van Wyk

Being able to send a proposal before you leave the meeting changes everything about fee negotiations. You can identify potential roadblocks right off the bat and address them there and then, before the client 'cools off'.